Who is The Writer Sits in the Back?

Hi! I’m the Writer Sits in the Back. (Guehehehe)

I live in the barren north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My real name is William Moo, but hold off on those incoming puns.

I’m a huge pop culture junkie/nerd/geek with keen interests in Japanese anime and manga. I also love novels, comics, animation (cartoons as the kids say), and the arts. Someday I hope to be a bestselling writer and publish popular novels and anthologized short stories. Until then, I’m a WordPress Denizen.

I am a contributing writer for GoBoiano Media and have written for other websites such as Heliophon, Raz Mataz Magazine, and Geek Insider. Please follow me on Twitter or Instagram. Feel free to send me any questions there: I’d love to chat with you all.  ^__^

*Excuse the messiness of the site. Still working to get great content up and make this site look pretty. Stay tuned!


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