School Live: A Not-So Slice of Life Anime That You Don’t Want To Miss

School Live is a unique anime blending the blissful slice of life genre seen in shows like Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star with the addition of an apocalypse. It is this crazy combination of genres that makes the anime frightfully enjoyable and a delightful treat. Things aren’t always as they seem, so click here to read more!

(Published on Goboiano: 8/1/2015)


The Two Masks of the Japanese Idol

The lore of the Japanese idol is elusive. She is hailed as a talented goddess by many, but behind her eyes lies a struggling mortal. Idol groups are fun and happy and I do enjoy watching and listening to their songs. However, the exception is when it gets out of hand and we forget that these idols are human. Click here to read more.

(Originally published on GoBoiano: 8/28/2015)

Princess Jellyfish Is Your Unordinary Fairy Tale

Being a plain nerdy girl is an image Tsukimi always was her identity – until she meets a handsome boy named Kuranosuke. There’s a catch though: he cross-dresses and enjoys it. How will he change Tsukimi and her friends and save her dorm from being torn apart? How will Tsukimi hide her feelings for Kuranosuke?

I give a quick review/recommendation of Princess Jellyfish and is an anime worth checking out. Click here to jump to it.

(Originally published on Anime Complexium: 12/15/2015)

8 Anime Characters Who Are Most Likely To End Up In A Hospital

Being an anime character isn’t easy. Some get beat up on a day-to-day basis don’t they? So I created a list of the most beaten down and injury prone anime characters to ever walk the earth. Most of them are dudes, but anime has its fair share of injury prone ladies as well. Click here and see for yourself.

(Originally published on GoBoiano: 7/31/2015)

Honourable mention: Toma Kamijo from A Certain Scientific Railgun

Priscilla Ahn is ‘Fine on the Outside’

Priscilla Ahn’s single Fine on the Outside sets a deeply personal and lonely tone to Studio Ghibli’s animated film When Marnie Was There. My review of the song looks at some of the themes and lyrics and why Fine on the Outside makes a good companion to Ghibli’s farewell film. Click here to read more.

(Originally published on RazMatazMagazine: 3/20/2015)

Fine on the Outside is from the album Just Know That I Love You and should be available internationally on ITunes. Check out the song here.