Music and the Illusionary Divas

The music industry has often marketed various singers and performers towards a specific target audience. However, the rise of Vocaloid (or electronic idols) leaves many confused and others very curious to know what its all about. What began as a niche phenomenon in Japan has slowly invaded the North American markets. With the rising popularity of Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, we are seeing a plethora of collaborative projects and interactive concerts being held in their honour. Jump here to find out more.

(Originally published on Heliophon)

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4 Ways The Moe Manifesto Will Change How You View 2D

What exactly is moe? A cute anime character with a lovable personality? Or something more? Patrick Galbraith’s The Moe Manifesto attempts to answer this, providing us with insightful interviews from anime giants such as Jun Maeda, as well as commentary from cultural critics and psychologists. I summarized a few points of Galbraith’s book and the information conducted from each interview.  Click here to read more.

(Originally published on GoBoiano 4/8/2015)

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DANMACHI: A Fantasy of Swords, Sorcery, and Sexy Girls

DanMachi (or commonly known as Is it Wrong to Try and Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?) has a very playful title pointing to the misadventures of a loser trying to flirt with women. However, don’t be deceived. While this show feels like a typical fantasy harem anime, it really isn’t. Engaging fight sequences, evolving characters, and an overall charming attitude are just some of the highlights of DanMachi. Check it out in my review here.

(Originally published on Geek Insider 6/5/2015)